Sermons from 2014

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For Such a Time as This


Scripture: Esther 4:9-17 We are doing something a little different this morning in that rather than read the text, you can […]

While We Wait


Scripture: Habakkuk 1:1-4, 2:2-4, 3:17-19  This message must be short and sweet.  The children are listening. They know when we […]

The Dwelling Place of God


Scripture: Jeremiah 7:1-11 We have been looking at some of the key passages in the prophets over the last couple […]

Fear Itself


Isaiah 2:1-4 While this text, like this statue, is fairly well known, the context is not.  So let me start […]

Abiding in Jesus


Scripture: John 6: 52-59 For the past three weeks we have been reflecting on the relationship of two things that are […]