We are all concerned about David’s family, and how we can best support them as they deal with David’s sudden passing. Hopefully, this will give us one way to show our love to the Frisinger family. Your help is appreciated.

Please CLICK the link above to volunteer. See the information on the Meal Train website for details.

On the afternoon of Tuesday, January 7, 2020, while working at the church, David Frisinger collapsed and did not recover. We are extremely saddened to relay the news of his unexpected passing. He was a member of the church and our beloved Maintenance for over 13 years and indeed a brother in Christ. 

We ask your prayers
Please pray for Kit Frisinger, David’s wife. She is with friends and has been supported by the church family as well. 

Please pray for the extended family members who are traveling to Eugene. 

Please pray for the staff and volunteers who responded to David and attempted to save his life. 

Let us pray,
God of love and mercy, embrace all those whose hearts today overflow with grief, unanswered questions, and a sense of loss. Grant them space to express their tears. Hold them close through the coming days. Amen.