July 21 10:15 am- 11:15 am

Grace Chapel

Between services, members of the Future 2.0 committee will introduce the phases of the congregational discernment exploration taking place this summer and during the coming church year. We decided 20 years ago to be a light to the world in the heart of Eugene. Ten years ago, we developed a vision plan through a congregation-wide discernment process. Using that past work, we will assess our successes and failures, noting changes in our congregation and our world. How should we carry out our passion for justice in true community, rooted in deep Christian spirituality? How do we want to be church?


FALL 2019

Discern our future vision with a thoughtful review of our 2008 and later plans


Do we repair and improve our historic building or think about alternatives? What about our community ministries?


How do we unify our congregation and invigorate our worship? What about alternative ways of doing church?

Look at ministerial staffing and transitions in the coming years.


Presentation to the congregation and the board

Participate in drop-in group discussions at church, an online survey or home meetings on the Future 2.0 topics starting this fall through spring 2020.

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Chair: Rick Johnson

Vice Chair: John Thompson


Dick Busic

Glen Campbell

Anna Duncan

Glen Gibbons

Karen Hertel

Jamie McCornack

Eliza Schmidkunz

Ex officio:

Rev. Dan Bryant

Rev. April Oristano

Pres. Tom Kozlowski, Board of Directors