Education Classes

Adult, youth, and children’s classes will resume on April 23rd .

Do You Feel Like A Martian?

In his book entitled Holy Communion for Amateurs, biblical scholar Tom Wright wrote about Martians! He believes that when it comes to Communion time, many Christians feel like a Martian at an Earthling’s birthday party. Here is how Wright imagined the scene: “But the Martian, who feels he knows you best since you met him at the door, keeps asking you in a low voice what’s going on. Why are all these people here? Why do they pull those things that make a bang? Why are they wearing funny hats? Why does the little girl in the middle of it all keep opening parcels? And why, oh why is someone trying to set fire to that cake?”

Do you sometimes feel like a Martian during Communion time? Whether you are new to Christianity, new to the Disciples tradition, or just want to learn more about communion, we have a class for you! The class schedule is as follows:

April 23rd: Old Testament Roots. Be sure to bring a bible to class. [Dykeman]

April 30th: New Testament Perspectives of Communion. Be sure to bring a bible to class. [Dykeman]

May 7th: Early and Medieval Christian Perspectives on Communion. Readings from the church fathers will be provided. [Dykeman]

May 14th: Disciples of Christ (Christian Church) Perspectives on Communion. [Warner]

May 21st: What We Can All Agree On-Modern Perspectives of Communion. [Dykeman]

Each class is self-contained so join us for one or all. The classes will be facilitated by Cass Dykeman, PhD and Sharon Warner, PhD. Cass is a professor of Counseling at OSU and did his graduate work in theology at Claremont and Louvain. Sharon is Professor Emeritus at Lexington Theological Seminary.

King David: Hero or Usurper?

This class will look into the Biblical record of one of the great people in the Old Testament: King David. He, along with Joseph, Moses and Elijah provide the orevall early context for the foundation of the Jewish Faith. Also, since the messiah was to come from the House of David, he has a strong influence on the background of the Christian faith. Wewill explore the world of the Middle East at the time of David (about 1000 BC), consider the way that David has been viewwed in the light of the scriptures, ponder what the most recent scholarship says about David, and see if we can put all of this together to find a message for our lives from this ancient ancestor of ours.


Grace Chapel – Drop in for meditation and prayer.