Adult Education Opportunities

 Fall education classes

The Faith of a Mockingbird ~ Library

In The Faith of a Mockingbird, based on Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, pastor and author Matt Rawle uses Lee’s beloved characters to explore Christian faith, theology, and ethics.  Join Scout, Atticus Finch, Boo Radley, and Tom Robinson in this five-week study. Facilitated by Karen Duncan

Art of the Soul ~ Grace Chapel

Do you seek a deeper relationship with God and Spirit?  Do you crave to feel grounded within your truth?  This class is designed to offer you a sacred space to create a vision for your life, using art as a portal to connect deeply with your spirit and God.  It will deepen your spiritual practice. I will show you how!  Some materials available, but bring something to share!  Facilitated by Sophie Navarro

Channing, Channing…Parker and Emerson, Too! ~ History Room

William Ellery Channing was the early 19th Century minister whose “Likeness to God” sermon inspired Ralph Waldo Emerson into Transcendentalism.  We will be discussing “Likeness to God” October 29th, and Channing’s “Self-Culture” sermon on November 5th, before turning to Transcendentalists Theodore Parker and Emerson.  While these sermons are historically interesting, they are also highly engaging to people today, on a personal and sometimes political level.  We will read aloud sermon excerpts in the classes, but you will get more out of them by reading them in full.  Most/all of them can be found online or in used bookstores.

Facilitated by Steve Landale