Education Classes

Adult, youth, and children’s classes will resume on January 8.

Enneagram – Steve Landale


This Sunday January 22 join us for our second Enneagram class. We will be focusing on the Heart triad (types 3, 2, and, if time, 4).

Join us January 8 through February 12 for a fun and informative five-session exploration of the Enneagram, a personality system that can help you understand yourself and others. Long used by the Jesuits in spiritual formation, it can be an excellent guide for emotional and spiritual growth. Through reading, activities (mild – don’t be frightened), lectures, and discussion, this class aims to help you strengthen your appreciation for the incredible resiliency and complexity of all people, including yourself. We begin discussing readings on the second class, January 15. You can still participate without reading, but you’ll get more out of the class if you do read as well.  Please beg, borrow, or purchase your own book on the Enneagram. I recommend Riso and Hudson’s The Wisdom of the Enneagram as the best overall guide; Baron and Wagele’s The Enneagram Made Easy as an easy, fun introduction; Helen Palmer as the most psychologically insightful (but a bit dramatic and long-winded); and Richard Rohr as the author who makes the best connections to religious archtypes. Hope to see you in class!

The 3rd Reconstruction – Karen Duncan/Jerry Smith

Many of us first heard of William J Barber II’s work in social justice through our church and in the inspiring message he delivered at the Democratic National Convention this summer. In this class we’ll have an opportunity to further explore the moral movement in which he’s a leader and also to identify ways we might become participate in it more fully.