Education Classes

Adult, youth, and children’s classes will resume on March 5th .


The Power and Complexity of Forgiveness; Library 

This study examines the mysteries of forgiveness.  Through stories, research, compelling interviews, and video presentations we will probe the power embedded in the act of forgiveness.  From the Amish to Elie Wiesel, from Charleston to Bishop Tutu, from Thich Nhat Hanh to James Forbes, from Helen Prejean to David Gregory, along with numerous individual experiences, we will reflect upon the personal, social, and spiritual dimensions of forgiveness and its possibilities for our physical, mental and spiritual health.  Ultimately, the model of Jesus empowers our search. Sharon Warner will lead this study.

The Way of the Heart: An Invitation to be in Communion with Jesus; History Room

An invitation to be in communion with Jesus, this class will explore the mystery of Jesus’ pain and suffering and sacrificial love. Can we surrender our way and take up God’s way? Through a series of videos, featuring reflections from 8 of today’s leading theologians like Brian McLaren and Walter Brueggemann, we will create a sacred place for prayer and contemplation. Stephanie Hershisher will lead this study.

Contemplative Coloring Class for Lent; Grace Chapel

Each week participants will color large posters that take us on a journey following the footsteps of Christ. This contemplative practice will immerse us in the biblical account of the last hours and days of Jesus’ life. Suitable for all ages, and all posters will be displayed in the sanctuary upon completion. Liz Dowdy will lead this study